Method Statement Templates

Are you still using Word and Excel for creating your safe systems of work? If so, our fully customisable method statement templates are ideal for your business

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Online Method Statements

Using our risk assessment and method statement module allows you to create fully customisable documents for your business saving you time, removing duplication whilst being fully accessible via any device 24 hours a day.

What Are Method Statements?

Method statements build upon risk assessments and identify how the work will be carried out safely.

Method statements detail how the work should be completed, the order of completion and potential risks and time frames.

Using our RAMS builder module, allows for instant PDF creation as well as dashboards to keep track of progress

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Method Statement Templates

"With the fast turnaround of work and the satellited nature of our workforce, producing our RAMS was almost a full time undertaking.  VISION has streamlined planning, production and communication of the documents.   Out of system notifications, remote access, electronic signature capture and a simple user interface means we wouldn’t be without out it now. "

Tony Pearce, Project Manager, Bailey MK Ltd

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Why Are Method Statements Important?

Method Statements are important because they provide the information your team needs to mitigate risks associated with a specific job or project, therefore helping protect workers and site visitors etc. from harm. Depending on the sector you’re working in, or the type of project, risks your method statement will cover, could include the risks associated with using mechanical equipment, working at heights, or using hazardous chemicals.

Method Statements are also an important, and often necessary resource a client would request prior to a project starting, as a way to assess how your company operates and the measures it’s taking to ensure safe working practices.

What’s Included In A Basic Method Statement?

The information included in a method statement will vary from project to project, and from sector to sector, but in general, a method statement will and should include:

  • A List Of Hazards

    The most important information your method statement will contain will be a list of hazards associated with the particular project. To create this list, carry out a risk assessment of the potential hazards, including evaluating current protections, and listing additional measures that might be required.

  • Job And Company Information

    Your method statement must include all the relevant company and job information, which should include:

    • The name of the project
    • The location of the site or sites
    • Your company name, address and logo etc.
    • A description of the project
    • Contact information relevant to the project
    • A document number
    • A list of safety responses to hazards

    Although many hazards and the associated risks on a project can be eliminated, some potential hazards are unavoidable, therefore your method statement will require a list of responses in place to mitigate these potential risks.

  • Additional Details

    Every project is different, therefore there will be additional and unique details that need to be added to your method statement. These could include things such as:

    • A list of training and safety equipment required
    • A reminder of specific work permits required
    • Clearly defined first aid protocols
    • A list of site access points
    • Material handling instructions
    • The location of on-site bathrooms and methods of waste disposal

And Don’t Forget To Review

Projects tend to change at certain points for various reasons, so be sure to review your method statement regularly, ensuring you update it with the relevant changes by adding or retracting information where necessary.

Why Use Vision For Your Method Statement Templates?

Using Vision's Cloud-based RAMs Builder is one of the simplest and quickest ways to create a comprehensive method statement, even if you lack confidence with technology, or don’t have advanced computer skills. Creating your method statement is a simple process of selecting the appropriate method statement template for your project, and then populating it, either from our extensive library of common workplace hazards, or adding your own.

Once created, your completed method statement can then be downloaded and saved as a PDF, with the ability to update risks already entered, or add new risks with the relevant safety or other additional information attached.

With more than a decades worth of industry experience, our team can offer expert advice to meet your requirements. Get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help.

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