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Are you still using Word and Excel for creating your safe systems of work? If so, switching over to VISION’s RAMS Builder could be the answer!

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What Are RAMS?

RAMS stands for Risk Assessment Method Statements, and are documents that a business creates after a risk assessment has taken place, documenting the hazard itself, and how employees and contractors etc. can avoid it in future.

Our RAMS Builder Features and Benefits

  • Dashboards to keep track of progress
  • Quick and simple to use to create all of your own documents
  • Storage within the system for using documents again and again
  • Easy replication and editing functions to save time
  • Revision and version system for ease of auditing
  • Client function allowing documents to be assigned off-site
  • Instant PDF creation
  • Intelligent and interactive interface that allows you to create bespoke lists and data for your Risk & CoSHH assessments and Method Statements
  • Tablet & Smart Phone friendly for on-site work including electronic sign-off functions
  • Access to hazard and control measure lists as well as pre-prepared Risk and CoSHH assessments, with the option to customise them to create your own.
RAMS Builder

"With the fast turnaround of work and the satellited nature of our workforce, producing our RAMS was almost a full time undertaking.  VISION has streamlined planning, production and communication of the documents.   Out of system notifications, remote access, electronic signature capture and a simple user interface means we wouldn’t be without out it now. "

Tony Pearce, Project Manager, Bailey MK Ltd

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Are RAMS A Legal Obligation?

Although not a legally required document in the same way a Risk Assessment is, RAMS are a vital part of workplace safety, as they help prevent future incidents from happening and help ensure that workers are as safe from injury as possible.

How Do Risk Assessments And RAMS Differ?

A Risk Assessment, which is a legal requirement, often created using Risk Assessment Templates, is designed to identify a hazard in the workplace, and then work out the potential risk it poses to employees.

RAMS on the other hand are about addressing hazards, and then looking into workable methods to eliminate them. RAMS then communicate these methods in an easy-to-understand manner, to ensure a higher level of safety in the workplace.

How Do RAMS Benefit Businesses?

RAMS, and all the information they bring together, offer businesses numerous benefits, including:

  • Employee Satisfaction – Having a safer workplace where employees feel safe to carry out various processes and know the methods shown in RAMS documents to ensure that safety, can contribute to greater job satisfaction throughout.

  • Increased Productivity – Along with employee satisfaction, and the fact employees feel safer carrying out their jobs as a whole, businesses using RAMS also see an increase in overall productivity across the business.

  • Lower Rate Of Absence – Due to increased workplace safety created using RAMS, and implementing the methods to prevent hazards, employees have fewer workplace accidents, suffer less stress, and therefore spend less time absent.

  • Reduced Risk Of Legal Penalties – By improving workplace health and safety using RAMS and Risk Assessments etc., you ensure compliance with risk management, which in turn leads to a lower risk of the business facing fines or lawsuits.

What Should A RAMS Document Contain?

A basic RAMS document should include:

  • The original Risk Assessment, which can be created using Risk Assessment Templates found in Vision’s RAMS Builder.
  • An in-depth description of First Aid Provision
  • A comprehensive guide on how to complete a task whilst avoiding or minimising the associated hazard.
  • Other relevant information, including supervisor details and the equipment or substances etc. involved.

And remember – once your RAMS document is created, ensure that each employee receives a copy and that it is regularly reviewed and updated, all of which can be easily carried out using Vision’s RAMS Builder software.

Why Use Vision’s RAMS Builder?

Vision’s RAMS Builder has been specifically designed to modernise and simplify the creation of RAMS documents, Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments, and Method Statements, for all types and sizes of businesses.

With its highly intuitive interface, Vision's RAMS Builder provides all the ready-to-use templates your business requires to quickly prepare documents, securely store them, and easily access them anytime, and from anywhere.

Fully customisable, it will transform the way you prepare, create and manage your safe systems of work, saving you time, removing duplication, keeping everything online and accessible 24/7.

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