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Key Features

  • Real-time Training Status: Quickly identify overdue or in-date training needs for your team.
  • Categorised Training Overview: Gain a clear view of training coverage across various categories.
  • Budget Management: Forecast and manage training expenses against set targets.
  • Centralised Employee Records: Access all training data for each team member in one place.
  • Detailed Audit Trails: View additions, deletions, and amendments to training records with user attribution.
  • Integrated Card Tracking: Manage employee certification cards, including expiry dates.
  • Colour-Coded Dashboard: Easily identify training statuses with visual cues.
  • Advanced Search Functionality: Quickly locate specific training information.
  • Data Export Options: Download reports in PDF or Excel format for further analysis.
  • Automated Alerts: Receive email notifications for expiring certificates and cards.
  • Simplified Training Booking: Request training quotes directly through the platform.
Training Matrix

"We have been using VISION Training Matrix for over a year now.  The data stored on the system is easily accessible by authorised users and provides up to date training information and certification for all of our staff and long term sub-contractors.  The weekly email notification on expiring certificates and the Request a Quote function are great time savers. We store everything on VISION which means collating information for accreditors is quicky and easy. We will never go back to spreadsheets!"

Kyle Sinclair Russell, Director, Bowie Construction Ltd

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Boost Productivity & Save Costs: Vision's Innovative Training Matrix Software

Why Choose Vision's Training Matrix Software?

Effortless Navigation

Step into a user-friendly world! Our software boasts a color-coded dashboard for easy access to everything you need. Overdue training records, training budgets, and future training plans are just a click away.

Expert Support

New to training matrix software? No worries! Our tech experts are on standby via chat, email or phone to answer any questions you have.

Real-Time Insights

Get a clear picture of your training landscape with a single glance. See expiring certificates, compare training spend to your budget, and visualize training breakdowns with insightful charts.

Goodbye Spreadsheets!

Ditch the time-consuming spreadsheets. Our intuitive training matrix software streamlines record keeping and simplifies tracking employee skills. Information is readily available and easily downloadable when needed.

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Training Matrix Example

Take a look at the video for an overview on the training matrix module.

Benefits of Moving from Paper to Vision's Training Matrix

Save Space and Money

Paper files and cabinets eat up valuable office space. Vision's cloud-based system stores all your training records securely on an external server, eliminating storage woes and associated costs.

Scalability for Growth

Whether you have a small team or a large workforce, Vision's Training Matrix scales to accommodate your needs. There's endless storage space, ensuring you always have room for future training records.

Eliminate Damage Risks

Paper documents are vulnerable to wear and tear, accidental spills, and even natural disasters. With Vision's Training Matrix, your vital training records are safe in the cloud, easily retrievable for continued operation.

Enhanced Compliance

Meeting compliance obligations is crucial. Our cloud-based system offers advanced security to protect employee training data, ensuring secure access for authorized personnel and simplified compliance management.

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