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Training Matrix Software Features and Benefits

  • Quickly see training that is overdue or in date.
  • View at glance which categories your training covers.
  • Forecast and manage spending against targets.
  • All the training is in one place for each member of your team.
  • View what has been added, deleted and amended and by who, for each employee.
  • Allowing you to keep a separate record of which cards your employees have and when they’re due to expire.
  • Colour coded for quick identification.
  • Filtered for quick and easy searching.
  • Downloadable PDF or Excel versions.
  • Email alerts for expiring certificates and cards.
  • ‘Request Quote’ function for quick and simple training booking.
Training Matrix

"We have been using VISION Training Matrix for over a year now.  The data stored on the system is easily accessible by authorised users and provides up to date training information and certification for all of our staff and long term sub-contractors.  The weekly email notification on expiring certificates and the Request a Quote function are great time savers. We store everything on VISION which means collating information for accreditors is quicky and easy. We will never go back to spreadsheets!"

Kyle Sinclair Russell, Director, Bowie Construction Ltd

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Employee Training Matrix

A training or skills matrix is a system used to monitor and manage employee skills, qualifications and competencies within an organisation. This information is used to better plan and manage gaps that may affect continuity and productivity.

New To Training Matrix Software?

If you’ve never used an automated training matrix, Vision is the place to be. Our training matrix software is used by businesses in all major sectors and is one of the simplest to use employee training matrices available. With its easy-to-navigate, colour-coded dashboard, whatever you need to access, from overdue training records to information on your training budget or your training planner, navigation is simple, even for technology newbies. And, if you do need any extra help with our online training matrix, our plain-speaking technical experts will be on hand, either via our live chat software, by email, or by phone, to answer any query you may have.

Our Training Matrix Software

Our training matrix module is designed to help your organisation stay on top of employee skills and training requirements. At a glance, you can be updated on expiring certificates and cards, see an overview of your spending compared to your training budget and view a chart with your training breakdown.

The online training matrix will transform your record keeping and help you save time when tracking skills employees have developed. The training matrix software interface is intuitive and the information can be downloaded with ease.

Information at Your Fingertips!

Tired of using spreadsheets to manage your training requirements?

If so, the Training Matrix could be just what you are looking for!

It will transform your records making training simple to manage with quick and easy access.

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Training Matrix Example

Take a look at the video for an overview on the training matrix module.

Why Change From Your Paper-Based System To An Online Training Matrix?

Whether you decide to use the Vision Training Matrix or not, the likelihood is that your paper-based training record system just isn’t working, and your frustration has led you to search for alternatives, such as our staff training matrix. And you wouldn’t be alone – for over two decades, at Vision, we’ve helped countless SMEs move away from outdated paper-based systems to our modern cloud-based system for a variety of reasons, which include:

  • No Storage Space Issues

    It’s a fact that can’t be ignored – paper files and filing cabinets take up space, and space costs money. With the cloud-based Vision Training Matrix however, the space required for all your training records is on an external server, and not taking up valuable office space.

    Another reason for storing your training records in the Cloud is that it’s a scalable solution, where storage space is essentially endless. So, whether you have ten employees or a thousand or somewhere in between, with the Vision Training Matrix, you’ll always have the space to keep all the details.

  • No Worrying About Damage

    Unless each paper document is carefully sealed or laminated, over time they will deteriorate. And whether it’s by paper-eating microbes and insects, those accidental spillages or by flood, once destroyed, the information they contained is often difficult and expensive to retrieve. With the Vision Training Matrix, you’ll never have to worry about damaged documents again as all your records will be safely stored in the Cloud and easily retrievable, allowing work to continue as usual.

  • Compliance Issues Are Better Addressed

    To stay in line with your compliance obligations, it is vital you have a secure way to store employees' training details. With a paper-based system, secure storage usually relies on the key to a filing cabinet, but despite this measure, printed documents are prone to loss, damage and unauthorised access.

    With the Vision Training Matrix however, compliance becomes a much simpler process, as all your training records are stored in the Cloud, meaning they’re protected by advanced and proactive cybersecurity, whilst also being securely available to nominated administrators.

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