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Do you struggle to find quality content for Toolbox Talks that will refresh your workers’ knowledge and awareness of hazards and dangers on site? If so, VISION’s Toolbox Talk Module could be the answer.

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Toolbox Talks Features and Benefits

  • Professionally developed Toolbox Talks that will maximise interest and support delivery
  • Tablet & Smart Phone friendly for paperless on-site delivery including electronic attendance register and signing
  • Questions to test individual/group understanding
  • Diary and scheduling facility to manage varied and regular delivery
  • Function to combine Talks to create specialised packs
  • My Toolbox Talks facility to upload and store your own Talks
  • Filtered for quick and easy searching
  • Print/PDF functions for all talks and the Attendance Register for those wanting to create paper-based packs
  • Dashboard for quick overview of scheduled, cancelled and completed Talks, and variety of delivery
Toolbox Talks

"Keeping written copies for our accreditations has always been a challenge, especially on longer duration construction projects.  Using VISION’s Toolbox Talk module has solved this problem as it’s easy for our admin department to supply evidence for our accreditors and it’s great for our supervisors as it makes delivery easy."

Richard Lowe, Operations Director, Bailey MK Ltd

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What Is A Toolbox Talk?

Put simply, a toolbox talk is a site meeting with employees that usually lasts around 5-10 minutes, intending to provide an overview of a particular health and safety subject, specific to a certain job or project.

HSE Toolbox Talks

A typical toolbox talk will usually cover health and safety areas already known to employees, but will give employers the chance to expand on the subject, and offer a refresher of vital information. Subjects that may be covered include:

  • Accident Prevention Toolbox Talk

    A toolbox talk focusing on accident prevention could either be to prevent possible accidents (proactive), or to prevent the reoccurrence of a particular accident (reactive).

  • COSHH Toolbox Talk

    A COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) toolbox talk should cover the safe use of substances and will raise awareness of the dangers the substances could pose when not used correctly onsite.

  • Electrical Safety Toolbox Talk

    An electrical safety toolbox talk will usually be focussed on the safe use of electrical equipment or electrical tools used onsite, discussing the risks associated, and the correct and proper use.

  • Gas Safety Toolbox Talk

    A gas safety focussed toolbox talk will cover or refresh certain requirements and/or regulations around the safe use of gas appliances, and/or the dangers associated, such as leaks, fires or explosions.

  • First Aid Toolbox Talk

    A first aid toolbox talk might be simply to double down on general first aid practices at work, or those specific to the current project, and to make workers aware of the risks associated when first aid mistakes are made.

  • Noise Levels Onsite Toolbox Talk

    A toolbox talk targeting noise levels onsite, will usually be to remind workers of the dangers of excessive noise exposure to hearing, and how to keep noise levels at a minimum when carrying out certain jobs.

Toolbox Talks On Tap

VISION’s Toolbox Talk Module will provide you with access to a whole host of professionally developed Toolbox Talks that will maximise the quality of delivery and raise worker’s awareness of site dangers.

With the electronic Attendance Register and signing functions, you will have complete records of who has attended without pen or paper insight!

Watch this short clip to see how VISION can transform your Toolbox Talk delivery or call us on 01284 658 566 to arrange your FREE 14 day trial and demo.

What Should A Toolbox Talk Achieve?

Regular toolbox talks given at the start of each working day are about keeping particular health and safety practices relevant, and ensuring current rules are followed, and best practices are always used. Good toolbox talks should be short and to the point, and aim to achieve a strong and positive culture around health and safety in the workplace, to help prevent incidents, and the potential risk of minor or serious injuries.

How Vision Simplifies Your Toolbox Talks

Vision’s Toolbox Module has the solutions to all your toolbox talk concerns. Perhaps you’re worried about the potential work involved in creating your toolbox talk, and the time it could take out of your working day.

To solve this issue, Vision’s Toolbox Talk Module provides a whole range of professional, premade toolbox talks, each one designed to provide all the relevant information, in a way that will hold their interest, and get the message across.

Each toolbox talk will also contain a list of ready-to-ask questions for you to put to attendees, to help find out if they understood the subject, or if they require further support to ensure all their questions are answered. Plus – because Vision is a cloud-based tool, the Toolbox Talk Module is available to use on Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops wherever Wi-Fi is available, making your toolbox talks easier to provide when visiting a site, anywhere.

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