Equipment Register

If you’re struggling to manage all your equipment and keep on top of service schedules and repairs, then VISION’s Equipment Register could be just what you need!

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Equipment Register Features and Benefits

  • Colour coded matrix to easily spot due and overdue services
  • Fully customisable with options to create Equipment Categories and Service Types
  • Warranty expiry tracker
  • Database to keep records of suppliers
  • Scheduling function to diarise services, repairs and inspections
  • Different user levels to control access and manage data
  • Disposal system with full audit trail
  • Search function to quickly and easily locate equipment
  • File uploader to keep important documents safe and easily located
  • Dashboard to monitor service and equipment status at a glance
Equipment Register

"The Equipment Register has a traffic light system which highlights what is coming up for inspection in. It’s easy to use and has transformed our record keeping and equipment service organisation. The system removes the need to check various files, calendar reminders or file locations as it stores it all in a one stop shop format. I wouldn’t be without it."

Steve Cook, Operations Director, C&C Training Ltd

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The Key Benefits Of A Cloud-Based Equipment Management System

Cloud technology is now utilised by organisations big and small across the globe, allowing these organisations to function with more precision, and in a more cost-effective way, especially with equipment management systems.

Now it’s your turn to integrate the phenomenal benefits of the cloud into your business, or other organisation, with Vision's simple-to-use cloud-based Equipment Register Module. Start your free trial today and start enjoying:

  • Seamless Accessibility

    Vision's cloud-based Equipment Management Module ensures that your critical equipment data is securely stored in the cloud, allowing authorised team members to access it when they need it, anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

  • Real-Time Updates

    With Visions cloud-based Equipment Register Module, changes to the equipment maintenance log etc. are instantly reflected across the platform, ensuring that all authorised administrators have access to current information.

  • Enhanced Collaboration

    Our cloud-based solution provides seamless communication and collaboration among team members, allowing them to easily share equipment data, assign tasks, and coordinate maintenance, helping to increase overall productivity.

  • Enhanced Compliance

    Because Vision's Equipment Register Module is cloud-based, it leverages the cloud's advanced security measures to protect your sensitive data, therefore ensuring your business meets compliance goals and obligations.

  • Scalability and Cost-Efficiency

    By utilising the cloud, Vision's Equipment Register Module is a scalable solution that will grow as you grow, as well as helping to keep costs down by removing the need for expensive on-premise equipment management systems.

  • Remote Monitoring and Notifications

    Vision's cloud-based Equipment Maintenance Tracker can be configured to provide automatic alerts for maintenance schedules, inspections, or equipment updates, which can then be promptly acted upon remotely.

  • A Greener Alternative

    Using Vision's cloud-based Equipment Register Module can also help protect the environment. This is because cloud technology generally has a lower carbon footprint than on-premise hardware, such as servers and other systems.

And, should the worst happen…

Because the cloud is made up of a series of external servers managed by large companies, data storage is also external, and protected with some of the most advanced cybersecurity systems in the world. This means, that in the event of a disaster, such as a fire, a flood, or a cyber attack, measures are in place to ensure the data you’ve stored is retrievable, therefore preventing unplanned and excessive downtime.

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VISION's Equipment Register Module

Keeping Your Equipment Safe and Tidy

With VISION’s Equipment Register proactively managing your equipment has never been easier.

Keeping information in one place from warranties to future servicing requirements means your equipment has the best chance of being fully functional and always in service.

Every aspect of equipment management is covered including features such as automatic reminders, equipment detail, approval and disposal sign-off, customising equipment categories and service types.

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