CoSHH Assessments

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What Is A CoSHH Assessment?

As an employer, it’s your legal duty to remove or minimize hazards and risks in the workplace. A CoSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) assessment, is a risk assessment used to identify these risks, to help reduce risk of injury, and to ensure the general safety of the workplace.

Vision's CoSHH Assessment Module

Features & Benefits

  • Dashboards to keep track of progress
  • Intelligent and interactive interface that allows you to create bespoke lists and data
  • Access to pre-prepared CoSHH Assessments with the option to customise them to create your own.
  • Storage within the system for using documents time and again
  • Easy replication and editing functions to save time
  • Tablet and Smart Phone friendly for on-site work including electronic signing
  • Instant PDF creation
  • Included as part of the RAMS Builder if you have a live subscription to this module
CoSHH Assessments

CoSHH Assessment Template

Information At Your Fingertips!

Fully customisable, the CoSHH Assessment Module will transform the way you prepare, create and manage your risk assessments saving you time, removing duplication, keeping everything online and accessible 24/7. Assessments can be set up by using the CoSHH assessment templates in the module or by creating your own.

Upload data sheets and record information on Environmental, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Storage and Disposal requirements, ensuring everything your team needs to know is easily accessible and in one place.

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What Substances Are Covered In A CoSHH Assessment?

In general, a CoSHH assessment will cover substances including toxic/dangerous chemicals and hot oils, but, as a responsible employer, when carrying out your CoSHH assessment, it’s important to look at the more specific hazards in your workplace, which could also include:

  • Fumes
  • Gases
  • Dust
  • Pastes
  • Acids
  • Solvents

Do CoSHH Assessments Need To Be Reviewed?

Yes. You’re legally required to ensure your CoSHH assessments are reviewed annually, and you should also review CoSHH assessments whenever you introduce a new substance into the workplace, and/or whenever you change a previously used substance for another substance.

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How Is A CoSHH Risk Assessment Done?

To understand exactly how a CoSHH risk assessment is done, it’s best to divide it into its specific sections, which include:

  • Identifying hazards: This section can be completed by identifying which of the substances used in your workplace are harmful, or whether any process you carry out, produces dangerous substances, including gases, vapours and dust etc.

  • Identifying who’s at risk: In this section, it’s important to work out who’s most at risk, how other employees will be affected, and how often they might be put at risk by coming into contact with the dangerous substances produced by certain processes.

  • Evaluating the risk: In this section of your CoSHH assessment, your main objective is to work out how likely it is that a serious accident could occur. Look at things such as where substances are stored, and the proximity of other workers to hazardous processes.

  • Working out precautions: This section focusses on how you could prevent, or at the very least reduce the risk of accidents occurring. You can do this by asking questions such as:

    • Is there an alternative substance you could use?
    • Do you need to use certain hazardous substances?
    • Could you change processes to reduce the risk?
    • What is your containment strategy?
    • Could you change systems of working by:
      • Restricting access to hazardous areas
      • Relocating hazardous processes
    • What is your cleaning strategy?

How VISION Has Revolutionized The CoSHH Assessment

Completing your CoSHH assessment using spreadsheets and paper-based methods was always going to be complicated, fraught with the possibility of making mistakes, possible data loss, miscommunications, and creating more work than was necessary.

With VISION however, writing your CoSHH assessment has never been easier, and requires just a straightforward subscription to the VISION CoSHH Assessment Module, to access the easy-to-use CoSHH Templates, including pick lists, that allow you to easily complete your CoSHH assessment. And, because the VISION CoSHH Assessment Module is a Cloud-based system, all the data you put into your CoSHH assessment, is securely stored in an external server (the Cloud), retrievable on any device, and fully compliant with data storage, and data privacy regulations.

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