CoSHH Risk Assessments

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What is a CoSHH Risk Assessment?

A CoSHH risk assessment is designed to help to identify the hazards and risks from hazardous substances in your workplace. This can include such things as chemicals, fumes, mists, dusts, gases and more.

As an employer you are required to prevent, reduce and control exposure to hazardous substances to protect your employees from harm and ill health.

Create and Manage Risk Assessments

Our customisable CoSHH assessment module allows you to fully create and manage risk assessments to save you time as well as keeping everything online and accessible 24/7.

We have been helping SMEs with health and safety for over a decade.

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CoSHH Risk Assessments

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Online CoSHH Risk Assessment Templates

Our CoSHH assessment module is easily accessible 24 hours a day and can be used across smartphones, tablets and laptops as well as desktop computers. Data sheets can be uploaded to record information on Environmental, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Storage and Disposal requirements; or you can use our the CoSHH risk assessment templates within the module. Everything your team needs to know is easily accessible and in one place.

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