If you’re using the traditional tools of spreadsheets and personnel files to manage training, you’ll understand how laboursome and time consuming this can be. There is an alternative! Switching to a cloud-based software solution specifically designed for managing tracking, certification, budgeting, spending and providing mobile access will reduce work, save time and provide real-time information for better decision making. Plus, intelligent automated reminders put you in control of organising card and training renewals.

In this webinar you will see first-hand how a digitised system can transform your training management processes as well as learning how to make the transition a successful one. If you are still using traditional training management practices, then this helpful webinar is for you.

When you attend this webinar, you will:

  • Hear experts talk about why using a cloud-based health and safety management system is becoming so important
  • Learn from a business that has already converted to using an online training management module
  • See first-hand a live modern day training matrix in operation
  • Walk away with a guide to successfully integrating a digital training matrix

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