Each employee has their own unique code which they can access directly from their VISION record by logging into the system, or by having it emailed to them so they can save a picture of it to their mobile phone.

System Administrators, Module Administrators (for the Training Matrix) and Managers can all generate QR Codes within the Training Matrix. To do this, click on the QR Code icon from the Employee's Training Record (System Administrators can also create QR Codes from Employee Records under Settings).

Access to QR CodeQR Code

The QR Code will appear, and from this box the code can be emailed to any address or downloaded as an image.

When the Code is emailed, an individual link is also included which when clicked on will open up the employee's QR Code Training Record as shown here:

Employee Training Record

This training record can be downloaded or emailed on as a PDF.

  • Expired certification and card records are excluded from the QR Code so that only in-date training information is visible.
  • QR Codes work in a live state, which means an individual's QR Code only needs to be received once, and if kept, each time it is scanned it will show the latest training record information available.
  • If an employee is deleted or their record is hidden, the QR Code will automatically be deactivated. If the employee record is subsequently unhidden, the QR Code will be reactivated.

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