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Professional Health & Safety Software

At VISION, we have more than a decades worth of experience in the health and safety industry.

Our health and safety software allows you to manage the health and safety of your business with an easy-to-use management system.

10 Different Modules

VISION consists of a total of 10 different modules all carefully designed to ensure ease of use and simplify health and safety management for SMEs.

Reliable Health & Safety Management

The VISION modules include a training matrix, risk assessments, equipment register, asset register, COSHH assessments and much more.

VISION is accessible from anywhere 24 hours a day as well as being secure, reliable and supported by our professional team.

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Vision Health & Safety Management

"I’ve been using VISION for the last 18 months to manage my Health & Safety duties effortlessly. My favourite feature is the Weekly Digest, this sends me an email every Monday showing me what tasks need my attention."

Steve Cook, Operations Director, C&C Training Ltd

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Flexible Online Health and Safety

Our software packages are entirely flexible meaning that you can sign up for a single module, multiple modules or the whole suite to meet your requirements depending on the needs of your business.

Training Management Software

Our Training Matrix module allows you to quickly see what training is overdue for your team and allow you to forecast and manage records with ease 24 hours a day.

Manage Your Training Records

The Training Matrix module filters records for quick and easy searching, provides downloadable PDF and excel versions as well as a booking system your required training courses.

RAMS Builder

The RAMS builder module can replace outdated Word and Excel systems for your business.

Our flexible module allows you to create customisable risk assessments for your individual business saving you time with easy replication and instant PDF creation.

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Vision Health & Safety Management

"We have been using VISION Training Matrix for over a year now.  The data stored on the system is easily accessible by authorised users and provides up to date training information and certification for all of our staff and long term sub-contractors.  The weekly email notification on expiring certificates and the Request a Quote function are great time savers. We store everything on VISION which means collating information for accreditors is quicky and easy. We will never go back to spreadsheets!"

Kyle Sinclair Russell, Director, Bowie Construction Ltd

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